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Kadhala Kadhala 25-05-18

Kadhala Kadhala 26-04-18 Vijay Tv Serial Online

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Kadhala is a Tamil family appear on Star Vijay. The story is around three siblings – Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra – who share an unbreakable bond regardless of their broken family. Watch all the most recent scenes of Kadhala

Anika Vs Shiva is made a request to offer his thanks towards Anika, while a disappointed Anika whines about him to Tia, Sowmya and Priyanka.

Shiva Is Safe Shiva escapes from the helicopter without a moment to spare and returns home securely. Yet, how? Watch the full scene.



Tamil television soap opera or Tamil serials (Tamilதமிழ் நெடுந்தொடர்கள்) are a popular genre of Tamil language television. All major TV networks in India produce a variety of drama series including familycomedyromancehistory stories, horrorDevotional, Fantasy stories and many others.

Tamil serial started to broadcast television series in the 1990s. Today’s format of 100–500 episodes started in the 2000s. The television series industry has played a pivotal role in increasing Tamil popularity in IndiaSri LankaSingapore and Malaysia. They are also broadcast in other parts of AsiaAfricaEuropeAustralia and North America.

They are usually shown Day Time on Tamil television channels and start at 11:00 to 15:00, Early Fringe start at 18:00 to 19:59 and every night at primetime start at 20:00 to 23:00. A series will run for about three or four years. It may air five or six episodes a week, the pattern usually being Monday through Friday or Monday through Saturday.

A Most channel will air five to sixteen soap operas simultaneously at any given time. Because they attract the most viewers, each channel competes for the most popular stars.

Tamil television serials are usually helmed by one director,one written by one screenwriter, thus having a distinct directing style and language, unlike American television series, where often several directors and writers work together. Series are likely to have only one season, with 1–500 or 1-1000 episodes. Mini series may be longer, with 100 to 200 episodes, but they also run for only one season.

The broadcast time for flagship dramas is 11:00-15:00 to 17:30-23:00, with episodes on Five to Six consecutive nights:Monday–Friday or Monday–Saturday and weekends. Different dramas appear on each of the nationwide networks, Sun TVSTAR VijayKalaignar TVZee TamizhJaya TVRaj TVPolimer TVPuthuyugam TVVendhar TVMega TVMakkal TVDD PodhigaiShakthi TVVasantham TVMediaCorp VasanthamAstro VaanavilTV2 and Deepam TV.

The 11:00-15:00 to 17:30-23:00 time slot is usually for daily dramas that run from Monday through Friday or Monday through Saturday. Dramas in these slots are in the telenovellaformat, rarely running over 500 episodes.

Tamil TV soap operas are popular overseas in countries such as IndiaSri LankaSingapore and Malaysia. They are also broadcast in other parts of AsiaAfricaEurope and North America. The popularity of Tamil TV soap operas in India, European and the US markets is on the rise. Tamil serial also Dubbed in MalayalamTelugu languageSinhalese languageEnglish language and most serial airs with EnglishSinhalese and Malay subtitle.

Kadhala Kadhala 26-04-18

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Kadhala Kadhala 25-05-18 Vijay Tv Serial Online

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