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The Kurdish parliament stormed by protesters

After it became known that Barzani resigned as President of Kurdisan, large numbers of his followers stormed the parliament building in Erbil

“After November 1, I will no longer execute my functions and I refrain from expanding my mandate, writes Masoud Barzani, regional president of Iraqi Kurdistan, in a letter that was read for the regional assembly in the Kurdish capital Erbil Sunday

When this became known on Sunday night, an unknown number of supporters of the Barzani stormed the Kurdish parliament building in Erbil, reports Reuters. Reporting about shooting, and some of the protesters must be armed with clubs.

– This is symbolic. The demonstrators point out that their great liberation hero has been forced by the world, the Americans and Iraq to go away – that’s what they are looking forward to, explains Henrik Thune, director of NOREF.

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