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Avalum Naanum

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Avalum Naanum (Tamilஅவளும் நானும்) (English: She and Myself) is a 2018 Tamil Language Family Melodrama starring Mounika Devi in dual role opposite Amruth and Dharish, Directed by Dhanush. It started airing on 26 February 2018 on Vijay TV on every Monday to Friday at 13:30 in an afternoon programming block called “Vijay Matinee thodargal”.Mounika and Amruth who play the leads roles, are making their Tamil-language debuts with the series. The show is a family melodrama based on twin girls Diya (Mounika Devi) and Nila (Mounika Devi).

Story about twin sisters Diya and Nila (Mounika Devi). Nila’s wedding was fixed with Praveen (Amruth), who hails from a rich family. Nila loves Vijay (Shri Mahadev). However, she will fail her attempt in convincing her parents. So, on the day of her wedding, she leaves a letter for her father and leaves the house. Her father Sathyamurthy (Kannan), tries to save face by requesting Diya who is in love with Aravind (Dharish) to take Nila’s place. Diya chooses to sacrifice her love for the sake of family pride and gets married with Praveen. Meanwhile Nila gets married with Vijay, unfortunately he died in a road accident on his wedding day, does Nila will lead a widow life? What happens next in Diya’s and Nila’s lives? What will happen if Praveen finds out that he actually got married with Diya and not Nila? Does Aravind thinks Diya betrayed him and what he is going to do about it? The fiction has lots of twists and turns.

Avalum Naanum 02-07-2018 Vijay Tv Serial Online

Avalum Naanum 14-06-2018

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