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Thamarai (English: Lotus) is a Tamil soap opara that airs on Sun TV. The show premiered on 3 November 2014 and it airs Monday through Saturday at 1:30PM IST. This show replaced the hit serial Illavarasi. The show starred Neelima RaniNiroshaAshwin Kumar, Ferozkhan, Swetha and among others. Thamarai reunited Ashwin and Neelima Rani one year back on Chellamay(2009–13).

It has been directed by M.K.Arunthavaraja, Kuruvidurai K.J.Thangapandiyan,A.Ramachandran,Hafees and it is now currently directed by S.Anand Babu and produced by Radaan Mediaworks. This show successfully completed its 1000th episode on 5 March 2018.

The story of a Thamarai (Lotus) is the story of a Sneha (Neelima Rani), a middle income working girl. Sneha lives with her aunty Raji (Nirosha). She and her aunty are very close. One day Raji reveals to Sneha that a prisoner(Karunakaran) is her elder brother & Sneha’s father. Sneha doesn’t accept him as her father as he has done a crime of killing Sneha’s mother. Sneha will fall in love with Dwarkesh (Ashwin Kumar) and marry him. Sneha’s mother is Dwarkesh’s father sister. Dwarkesh’s father hates karunakaran as he was the one who killed his sister. Raghavan is initially unaware that Sneha is his sister’s daughter and he opposes her relationship with his son, Dwarakesh as Sneha works in the same company as his older son, Rajiv(a company owned his son’s father in law). Raghavan is still furious at his older son, Rajiv for eloping with his rich girlfriend Uma, and marrying her. Hence, he wants nothing to do with Rajiv. Eventually one day, Sneha and Dwarkesh made a secret register marriage without both families knowing. Dwarkesh’s evil sister in law, Uma (Rajiv’s wife) will let everyone know the secret that Dwarkesh had a secret marriage with Sneha. Dwarkesh family would be furious with him. Uma doesn’t like her in-laws and tries to destroy them by creating conflicts between them. She had tactfully gotten a place at her in laws house in order to destroy them. When Raghavan finds out that Sneha is sister’s daughter, he accepts her as his daughter in law, but wants nothing to do with her father. Sneha is also furious when she finds out about her real father and despises him for killing her mother. Dwarakesh and Sneha get married ceremonially with Raghavan’s blessing (they were only married legally).

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