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Ninaika Therintha Manamae

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Ninaika Therintha Manamae (Tamilநினைக்க தெரிந்த மனமே) is a 2017 Tamil Language Revenge Psychological Thriller and Romance drama starring Ashwin, Aishwarya and Uma Riyaz Khan. It started airing on 25 December 2017 on Vijay TV on every Monday to Friday at 21:30 (IST). On 5 February 2018, the show shifted to airs Monday through Friday at 22:00 (IST). This will be the first time Ashwin and Aishwarya are paired together. Aishwarya, who play the lead role, is making her Tamil-language debut with the series. The story is about the life of female protagonist Deepa, who loses her memory in a tragic accident.

The story is about Deepa who loses her memory in an accident. However, she doesn’t know that her memory isn’t the only thing she loses, she also loses her unborn child. She wakes up to seeing Aravind who happens to know Deepa as they live in the same building. Aravind is reunited with his family and his family members assume that Deepa is Aravind’s wife. As Aravind doesn’t contradict them, they accept Deepa and bring her into their family. Aravind’s family members treat her well and soon arrange a wedding for Deepa and Aravind. After their wedding, due to circumstances, they find out Deepa’s past. They find out that Deepa’s real name is Karthika and that she has a husband whose name is Goutham. Goutham’s family decide to bring Karthika back to their home after finding her. A shocked Karthika decides to leave Aravind’s house. However, what Karthika doesn’t know is that Goutham treats her badly which prompted her to leave the house in the first place.Before she loses her memory, she married Gautham who wants her property (her grandfather said that Karthika’s child will get his property after he passed away)and lived with him together.Gautham is a drunkard and he and Karthika always quarrels with him.One day, Gautham drunk and quarrels with her.She get him a divorce papers and told him to sign in that paper.On the drunken state, he also sign in the papers.They get divorce and Karthika started a new life.Then, she met Aravind and also the accident which changes her life.

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