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Pagal Nilavu

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Pagal Nilavu (Tamilபகல் நிலவு) is a 2016 Tamil-language family romance soap opera, starring Mohammed Azeem and Shivani Narayanan. It started airing on 9 May 2016 on Vijay TV on Monday to Friday at 18:30 (IST). On 26 March 2018, the show shifted to airs Monday through Friday at 18:00 (IST).

The series is the sequel and next generation story of Andal Azhagar, both of which were directed by Francis Kathiravan.

It is a story about love, but circumstances have made Andal and Azhagar’s families rival for two generations. The drama explores whether their daughters, Revathy (Soundarya Bala Nandakumar) and Sakthi (Sameera Sherief) reunite the family. Jr Revathy and Karthick fall for each other likewise do Prabhakaran and Jr Sakthi as jr Sakthi marries Prabhakaran the rival grows and Jr Revathy and Karthick breakup due to the circumstances. In mid of this due to some misunderstandings created by Prabha’s mother Jr Sakthi leaves him and stays with her grandfather. As Chidambaram(the family head) I having health problems everyone accepts his wish of everyone staying under the same roof. As time passes Jr Sakthi reconcile with her family but has a hatred towards Prabhakaran so to solve that Sneha(Shivani), a research student and Karthick’s friend arrives to Madurai. She slowly know the family issues and comes up with a plan to reunite Jr Sakthi and Prabhakaran and it works out and all the family members reconcile. But malar still wants to ruin the family so she bring a new MD arjun(Mohammed azeem) to her factory replacing Sakthi which creates a hatred towards that person for all family members. Meanwhile, Jr Revathy and Karthick reconcile after their breakup. A friend of azhagar is introduced. It is shown as azhagar’s friend’s son Jeeva (Mahesh) has developed an attraction towards Jr Revathy and confesses to his father that he loves her. He also makes attempts to impress her. Sneha and Arjun also get closer. Arjun makes Revathy to get transferred to Mumbai which creates distress in the family and rifts between Jr Revathy and Karthick.The rift between them grows when Jeeva states that he wants to marry Jr Revathy. Karthik starts to hate revathy Jr and gives back her the ring she gifted him. Will Revathy’s transfer separate Karthick and Jr Revathy? Will Jeeva create problems between Jr Revathy and Karthick? Will Sneha and Arjun marry? Will the marriage of Jr Revathy and Karthick take place? Will Jr Sakthi and Prabhakaran again get separated by malar’s plans?

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