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Bigg Boss Tamil season 2: Kamal Haasan kickstarts the show in style

பக்கத்தை பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள!

The popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2’ was kick-started by veteran actor-host Kamal Haasan. The actor expressed his excitement to host the show by adding that television provides the platform to communicate with a lot of people.
The actor said hosting the show is not like enacting a character. People get to see the real Kamal Haasan. Hence, the love and satisfaction, which he would get from the audience, are beyond words. The actor also added that there are lots of ‘duties’ he has to perform and he also termed it as ‘public welfare’.

Later, the host took the audience inside the ‘Bigg Boss Tamil season 2’ house. The actor said that nothing much has changed inside the house.

As the tour was over, Kamal Haasan walked out without entering into the confession room. Bigg Boss asked him to visit the room. After a brief conversation with Bigg Boss, Kamal Haasan left the confession room. As he walked out, the lights were turned off and night vision cameras were visible. Kamal Haasan also visited the jail area before leaving the house.

Kamal Haasan introduced and welcomed the first contestant – Yashika Anand to the ‘Bigg Boss Tamil season 2’ house. Yaashika Anand’s introduction started with her performance. Kamal Haasan informed that she is the youngest among all the contestants and she is just 18 years old. She promised to stand up to any challenge inside the house. He appreciated Yashika’s way of handling criticism on the internet and the trolls as well. Yashika Anand promised to be herself throughout the show and entered the house.

Actor Ponnambalam made his entry into the Bigg Boss season 2 house as the second contestant. Ponnambalam and Kamal Haasan were seen exchanging compliments with each other.

Kamal Haasan introduced actor Mahat Raghavendra as the third contestant in the show. Mahat said that he has mixed feelings about being in the Bigg Boss house. He said that he is honored to meet Kamal in person. Mahat also shared the fond memories of his association with actor Simbhu. Mahat bid goodbye to his girlfriend and entered the Bigg Boss house.

Daniel Annie Pope was introduced as the fourth contestant in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 2. Daniel seemed to be very happy to hear Kamal Haasan calling out his name. He expressed his pride to have his mother in the audience.

RJ Vaishnavi was introduced as the fifth contestant by Kamal Haasan. Vaishnavi is also S. Vishwanathan’s granddaughter, the former used to write under the pen name Saavi. Kamal Haasan seemed to be impressed by her speech during the introduction.

Kamal Haasan introduced Janani Iyer, engineer-turned -actress, as the sixth contestant. Janani seemed to be quite excited to see Kamal Haasan in person. Janani shared that she would surely get at least 10 films by participating in this Bigg Boss show.

Ananth Vaidyanathan, a voice expert (singing coach), was introduced as the seventh contestant by Kamal Haasan. The latter appreciated his costumes too. Ananth’s students also appeared on the stage and cheered for him.

Kamal Haasan introduced Ramya NSK, a playback singer and the granddaughter of comedian N. S. Krishnan and actor K.R.Ramasamy, as the eighth contestant. Later, Ramya NSK and Kamal Haasan sang Ninaivo Oru Paravai together.

Actor Sendrayan was introduced as the ninth contestant by Kamal Haasan. Sendrayan expressed his desire to act in films of various languages like Malayalam, Hindi, and English. Sendrayan appeared on the stage just like Michael Jackson and performed on some groovy numbers.

Riythvika, a film actress was introduced as the tenth contestant by Kamal Haasan. She informed that her films are stuck for last few months and are yet to get released.

Kamal Haasan introduced Mumtaz as the eleventh contestant. Mumtaz seemed to be hesitant to tell her name in front of Kamal Haasan. She went down on her knees and then said her name. Mumtaz said that she accepted the offer so that she could see Kamal Haasan once a week.

Kamal Haasan introduced RJ and VJ Bhalajie aka Dhaadi Bhalajie as the twelfth contestant. Bhalajie performed for some popular numbers on stage. He was happy that the show would provide the platform to showcase his talent. He requested Kamal Haasan to hug him. The host happily agreed and hugged him.

Mamathi Chari – actress, RJ and television presenter was introduced as the thirteenth contestant by Kamal Haasan. He appreciated her for her command over the Tamil language.

Kamal Haasan introduced RJ Nithya as the fourteenth contestant. She is ex-wife of Bhalajie. Nithya and Nithya are separated. Nithya told Kamal that she wants to represent all the single mothers out there. As Nithya entered the house, Bhalajie waved at her. In return, she went towards him and greeted.

Shariq Hassan was introduced as the fifteenth contestant by Kamal Haasan. Shariq Hassan is the son of famous celebrities Riyaz Khan and Uma Riyaz Khan. Kamal Haasan said, he is familiar with the last three generations of Shariq Khan’s family – his parents and his Grandmother Kamala Kamesh.

Kamal Hassan introduced Aishwarya Dutta as the sixteenth contestant. She made a grand entry on the stage with a dance performance. She said she has been following Bigg Boss since childhood.

Oviya’s entry was a pleasant surprise. Oviya entered the show as a guest. Oviya is an actress, who is seen in Kollywood and Mollywood films. She was also seen in the previous season of Bigg Boss.

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